Optimized technical answers, deadlines respect, repeat design & optimum quality :

Since 1963, our customers rely on our commitments to develop their tungsten carbide & special steels tools, dedicated to cold and warm forging.

Our expertise is based on 3 key assets :

  • Our 50 years experience allows us to develop solutions that can go much further than just creating excellent tooling, and actually results in higher productivity.
  • Stocks of raw materials, carbide sintering, heat treatment of the steels…Our complete autonomy provides you with concrete answers to the requirements set by your contractors: grade selection, trial safety, tools longevity and continuous quality.
  • With a large pool of machines in constant renewal, we master every steps of the tool manufacturing, including the carbide cores sintering and the steels heat treatment.

Our complete autonomy and reactivity lead us to the first place of our activity in France, and confirm the development of the POLYPROFILS brand in Europe.



Thanks to our metrology room (three-dimensional control, profilometers, profile projector…), optimum quality is the pillar of our company  and can be found in the tools we provide as well as in the services we offer.

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