Sintering process, high speed milling, wire and spark erosion… Our top quality equipement allows us to cover the whole part of the tool manufacturing process. Each year we invest to provide our customers with concrete answers to the requirements set by their contrators. More than a thousand machines compose our park.

  • 6 robotised wire E.D.M. with automation
  • 7 spark E.D.M with automation
  • 10 lathes including  5 lathes dedicated to hard materials
  • 3 sintering furnaces
  • 3 heat treatment furnaces
  • 1 multi axes grinding machine
  • various conventionnal grinding machines
  • 3 high speed milling center with automation
  • 2  hydraulic presses




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High level technology

Atelier de façonnage CW

Soft carbide workshop

Traitement thermique et frittage du CW

Heat treatment & sintering process


metrology room

Usinage Grande Vitesse 5 axes

High speed milling

Centres d'électroérosion par enfonçage et découpe fil

Spark & Wire EDM centers